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About the ANZIO Group

About the ANZIO Group

ANZIO Group ... An Independent Family Owned Company

We are an Independent Family Owned Company, based in Lincolnshire, England, with connections in Italy and around the World.

With an investment in new Computers, hardware and software, we are expanding our publishing side as we increase our book titles as well as bringing back out firm favourites that we own, such as the famous GHOST STATIONS™ Series by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny, that has been in constant demand.

ANZIO Secretary As we are an Independent Family Owned Company, it means we have closer contact and greater knowledge of our company, products, services and relationships with our customers.

Effectively, we uphold the traditional family values and believe in fair trade, while providing realistic value for money products and services, with quality.

With the growth of new markets and media we have expanded into online magazines, which is a new, dynamic and growing medium that is set to become ever more important in the future.

Our investment in this area has been substantial and our flagship is, which is a free online regional magazine. It is designed to grow and evolve over time to provide what readers really want and not what is just dealt to them.

We do not pretend to be a large conglomerate, and our values are such that we never will strive to be so. Instead we are more family based and believe in the strength of community and the individual to be a part of this community by us all working together.

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