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L'Aquila Books

You Only Live Twice Little Nellie

100 pages - Around 78 photographs/pictures - Price £7.99
ISBN 978-1-871448-20-7

You Only Live Twice Little Nellie
by Baron Barrymore Halpenny.

You Only Live Twice Little Nellie by Baron Barrymore Halpenny

With the Foreword by Wing Commander Kenneth Wallis, along with a wealth of information and pictures, some exclusive to the book "You Only Live Twice Little Nellie", this really is an amazing insight into not only the filming of Little Nellie in the James Bond 007 film, You Only Live Twice, but also an insight into the fascinating world of Wing Commander Kenneth Wallis himself.

The author, Baron Halpenny, having known Ken Wallis as a family friend all his life has provided some of the inside snippets to give the reader an understanding of what was involved in the making of the James Bond 007 film and more specifically the special Little Nellie scene.

Touching upon Wallis's war career and his involvement in the Cold War, both when in the Royal Air Force and out, the reader gets to know this incredibly talented man and so appreciate the cleverness of the autogyro known to millions as Little Nellie.

This book is a must for any James Bond 007 fan interested in the James Bond 007 gadgets and machines, or those that just love the colourful 007 film You Only Live Twice with its Japanese theme.

It goes without saying that the book will be of interest to those that love autogyros.

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