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TOP SECRET - RAF Barnham & I

134 pages - Around 95 photographs/pictures - Price £7.99
ISBN 978-1-871448-25-2

TOP SECRET - RAF Barnham & I by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny

TOP SECRET - RAF Barnham & I
by Bruce Barrymore Halpenny.

Bruce Barrymore Halpenny's first step on the road to the purpose built Top Secret, RAF Barnham - Top Site, the Atomic and Chemical Weapons Station, came after he had received a letter in January 1955 from the Canadian Government at Ottawa, Canada; to inform him that due to his dual nationality he had the choice of either serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force in Canada or the Royal Air Force in England for his National Service; which at that period was compulsory for every male to serve for two years in the Armed Forces.

Before his call-up papers came he had already been to the RAF Recruiting Centre in Saltergate, near the Savoy Cinema in Lincoln and signed on as a Regular in the Royal Air Force Military Police - with a special mention for Special Service and with dogs.

Both of these duly put down on his documents from Day One; after he had been advised to do so by the RAF officer who had interviewed him.

The result was for him to be in a unique place in British history and to see the goings on behind Britain's Top Secret RAF Nuclear Station, in which he was to serve longer than any other serviceman.

This is his story and memories of not just RAF Barnham but also other areas of his service career leading up to RAF Barnham, along with unique photographs at RAF Netheravon.

Included also, are memories of his medical operations to save not only his hand and arm, but also more importantly his life, his rehabilitation at the RAF Hospitals and his decision to stay in the RAF Military Police despite his injuries that would all of which, eventually lead him to RAF Barnham.

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